Top Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

As everyone knows, cleaning out your closet can be one of the least enjoyable, yet most rewarding chores on our annual to-do list. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a day off knowing you’re going to spend it indoors figuring out which style is still in and what shoes you never wear. When it comes to knowing the difference between rags and riches, we’ve had some experience. Follow our tips below to help make your day go quicker!

1. Take everything out
Taking all your clothes out of your closet means you can begin fresh. It also means you’ll have to go through each of your garments before placing them back in. Place them on the bed to motivate you to finish the clean out before bedtime!

2. Ask yourself some questions
Before putting an item of clothing back into the closet, ask yourself whether you’ve worn it at least twice in the last 6 months, or if you saw it in a store now, would you buy it?

3. Try the backwards hanger trick
When putting clothing back into the closet, place the hanger the wrong way around. Whenever you wear it again, place it back the right way. After another year has gone by, any garments on unturned hangers can be thrown away!

4. Make a playlist
Having some music playing in the background can make the experience a little more fun.

5. Make a donation and throw away pile.
Any clothing that is still in good condition can still be donated, so don’t throw it away just yet. However, clothing with rips, stains, or other damage means it can no longer be worn or donated.

6. Take a break
Take a short 15-20 minute break every couple of hours to eat and relax. Try going for a walk and getting fresh air just long enough to feel refreshed but not so long that you’ll lose interest.
Keeping on top of your clean up can be difficult but opening an organised closet when you’re getting ready in the morning can help you start the day off right. If you’re looking to donate your preloved goods, click here and take a look at where you can find a bin near you!