The Benefits of Donating Your Clothes


When we clean out our closets, we often find lots of clothes that haven’t been worn in quite some time, in fact, some items of clothing may still have the purchase tags attached! After hours of slaving away with coat-hangers and drawers, it’s time to finally pack up your unwanted clothes and send them away, but this time, instead of vouching for the rubbish bin, consider a clothing donation.

Donating clothing is becoming more common than ever before with people learning more about the what it means to support local charities or help those with less. If you’re wondering what donating your clothes can do for the world, take a look below;

It helps people who can’t afford clothes
Donating to foundations or op-shops gives those who are homeless or unable to afford new clothes, a place to purchase preloved clothing at a discounted price. Many charities will use the revenue raised to give back to the community, continuing to help people in need. This can be through the training of new staff, employment for people with disabilities or supporting community projects and shelters.

It helps the environment
Passing on your clothes to others means people will be less likely to buy new clothes. This means that the fast-fashion industry won’t need to mass produce copious amounts of clothing, saving the resources used to create new textiles. Did you know, every kilo of recycled clothing saves over 6000 litres of water in reproduction of cotton? It’s a simple as donating clothes to a charity or even passing clothes onto a younger family member.

It helps disaster survivors
Those who have recently suffered through a disaster such as bushfires, tsunamis, and cyclones, will need assistance in rebuilding their lives. Organisations such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army welcome donations to hand directly to those in need.

When it comes to throwing away your clothes, stop and think about what your clothes can mean for someone else. Here at King Cotton, we work alongside various reputable charities to help make the world a better place. To find out more about what we do, take a look at Our Community!