Sustainable High-End Fashion


Did you know there is enough clothing in existence to meet the global demand? Fashion brand, Reformation, does. That is why they are launching a new line of eco-friendly yarn and cashmere sweaters. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are adorable as well! These sweaters are your perfect chance to look stylish whilst keeping a clean conscious.

Reformation’s new line of yarn sweaters is made with 100% recycled yarn from Prato, Italy. The yarn is made from items like discarded plastic bottles, industrial waste, and used denim cuts. We know that might sound crazy, but you have to try it for yourself. These sweaters are as comfy as they are cute, and they are selling out in no time.

Selling out just as quick is Reformation’s new cashmere sweaters. Made with 70% recycled cashmere, these relaxed sweaters look amazing when paired with denim jeans. Not to mention, these sweaters have 80% less of the environmental impact as regular cashmere, which throughout the years has been turning lush grasslands into dry deserts.

The best thing? These sweaters are even cheaper than normal cashmeres! Reformation’s sustainable cashmere is affordable and available now, but probably not for long, at