Environmental Policy

King Cotton Australia are leaders in the textile recycling industry providing installation, maintenance of clothing bins, collection of clothing and textiles, and the recycling and repurposing of the materials collected.

To this end King Cotton Australia are committed to undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing risk that may impact the environment.

The Environmental Management System shall be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard. King Cotton Australia aims to meet the following goals and commitments:

King Cotton Australia aims to meet the following goals and commitments:

* Identify, assess and control hazards/risks associated with activities, products and services employed by King Cotton Australia that may impact on the environment;
* Adhere to all statutory, regulatory, legal and other requirements relevant to the environmental aspects of King Cotton Australia business practices;
* Minimise waste and encourage recycling practices both on and off site;
* Educate and train all employees in understanding that each person has a responsibility to the environment and to work in such a way that will not harm the environment;
* Continue to select, develop & implement products and processes based on their environmental stewardship;
* A Commitment to continual improvement of our EMS to enhance environmental performance;
* A Commitment to protect the environment, including the prevention and minimisation of pollution and waste.
* Setting environmental objectives to achieve our company goals

Senior Management shall ensure that appropriate resources are available to enable the company to meet the stated objectives and fulfil its compliance obligations.

King Cotton Australia also recognises the need to work closely with our customers and suppliers to protect the environment.

Alex Dimou – Managing Director