Fast Fashion is Here! Australia, Time to Get Serious!


Australia, it’s time to get serious. Fast fashion is the second biggest polluter and we are grappling with a never ending war on landfill.

Currently, the average Australian disposes of approximately 23kg of clothing and textiles per year, equating to over 500 million kilograms dumped in landfill each year. Australians are the second largest consumers of textiles, and therefore, some of the greatest contributors to the destruction of our environment.

The fast fashion industry is designed to make shoppers feel out of trend once the season has ended, prompting them to buy a new wardrobe to “fit in.” This dangerous cycle of buying, wearing, and wasting is causing the air we breathe and water we drink to become polluted.

If you’re as alarmed as we are and wondering what you can do to save the wonderful being that is our Earth, then look no further. We’ve got your enviro-fix sorted;

Tattered clothes? Don’t throw them away. Instead, whip out a sewing needle and show your favourite shirt a little TLC. Better yet, try cutting your clothes into a new design. It can be easier than you think.

Pass them on
If your clothes no longer fit, consider passing them onto a friend or family member. For those looking to make a quick dollar, try selling them online! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Buy less
Now that you’re aware of the effects of fast fashion, consider changing your routine. Don’t throw away last season’s clothes. Show off your individuality and wear them again this season. Our pro tip; put the money you’ve saved into a jar and shout yourself a weekend away!